As we approach the end of 2021, we are excited to announce that we continue to experience God's faithfulness in the generosity of our givers. From November 30th to December 24th, we have a $50,000 matching gift opportunity. This also means that there will be impact x 2, joy x 2 and hope x 2. With over 7,000 middle and high school students to reach in the Central Michigan area, this matching gift will double the impact to reach more students and we'll see double the joy in the faces of EVERY kid. 

In fact, it’s no secret that we have seen more smiles this year than ever before! The joy of Jesus is real, and students are seeking it. Finally, this matching opportunity doubles the hope we can share. Not hope that we find in empty places here on earth but hope in the unconditional love of Jesus. Hope in a relationship with Jesus. Hope that is everlasting.

Every week we open our doors, run 17+ different programs and meet students right where they are. We get to see what students struggle with, their mess AND their potential in Christ. It can be easy to doubt the next generation, but we would simply ask that you don’t. Instead, would you invest, speak life, pray over, and give to them?

This is an incredible opportunity. Though the world has been shaken, God remains unshaken. His promises are here to stay. So, this Christmas will you join us and do whatever it takes to make this $50k match possible?


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